Our Work.

Our Strategic Focus Areas:

Access to Justice

The full realisation of citizens’ rights as outlined in the constitution is only possible through an equitable justice system for majority of South Africans that can afford legal representation. The inaccessibility of legal literacy is further exacerbated by poor education. Through community-based paralegalism, Hlanganisa recognises the importance of community-based paralegals for access to justice for communities. Their proximity to communities and ability to simplify complex processes makes them a strategic entry point. Hlanganisa has partnered with over 50 community advice offices across South Africa.

Democracy and Social Acountability

Through the programme, Hlanganisa supports community-led initiatives contributing to equitable and just access to natural resources leveraging on indigenous knowledge systems. This includes the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy which should be equitable and consider the communities directly impacted. As climate change-related disasters increase in frequency and intensity in the sub-region, women in rural communities are impacted the most because of their dependence on natural resources. Through the climate justice programme, Hlanganisa’s support is directed to community level efforts addressing,
• disaster-risk reduction,
• advocating for access to land for women,
• ensuring food security,
• sustainable energy.

Climate Justice and Resilience

The ability to understand the provisions in the Constitution is key when holding public officials to account for delivery of services and expenditure of resources. Hlanganisa capacitates CBOs to use community-based monitoring, budget tracking and social audits using the integrated development plan (IDP) as an entry point in achieving community development priorities. Hlanganisa considers active citizenship a key ingredient in Democratic processes and constitutionalism and has funded, trained and supported community-based organisations in Free State and Limpopo. Projects successfully implemented include; monitoring of drug stockouts, advocating for increased participation of women in IDP processes, budget monitoring of roadworks and access to running water.

Gender Justice and Women Leadership

Hlanganisa’s gender justice work foregrounds women leadership at grassroots level, ensuring that they participate in decision making at all levels. Our intersectional approach includes participatory grant making and strengthening of women-led organisations and movements as they seek to mitigate systemic barriers impacting womxn. Hlanganisa has an impressive footprint in supporting creative methodologies that respond to GBV through research and advocacy. Some of the projects funded for various crosscutting with GBV include; • Mainstreaming Disability into Gender-Based Violence • Women’s Land Rights and Gender-Based Violence • Gender-Based Violence and Migration • Policy Advocacy • Documentation of Community Level Responses to Gender-Based Violence

Our Approach:


Hlanganisa has a large footprint funding community-based organisations for institutional and programmatic impact. Funding for grassroots organisations is a strategic resource that facilitates for much needed social change. Through our small grants, Hlanganisa seeks to bridge the gap between donors and organisations working at community level and using on the ground knowledge to find organisations uplifting their communities. Our model facilitates for that vital link between funding and high impact organisations implementing impactful programmes. Hlanganisa currently funds community-based organisations in Malawi, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Capacity Enhancement

Hlanganisa’s capacity building aims at supporting solid governance, statutory compliant, sustainable community-based organisations. Our offerings include training, tailored mentorship, providing peer learning platforms and development of resources that enable the community-based sector to better serve their communities. Hlanganisa approach incorporates a train-the-trainer model with an emphasis on fostering resilient organisations. Hlanganisa’s training is guided by its CBO-focused curriculum known as the Book of Life for Sustainable Community-Based Organisations. This training extends beyond Hlanganisa funded CBOs through our Grassroots Wednesday a two-hour training session hosted virtually every last Wednesday of the month.

Strategic Sector Convening

Hlanganisa supports organisations with community advocacy and facilitates strategic convenings aimed at unlocking sector-wide developmental challenges. Hlanganisa’s advocacy work aims to advocate for institutional and policy changes as well as more effective implementation of interventions and policies, in various areas of society in responding to social justice issues. This is achieved through increased collaboration, relationship and network building underpinned by creating an enabling environment in which change can be fast tracked. Our convenings are rooted in research and prioritise bringing communities to the table with government at local and national level. Hlanganisa believes that increased collaboration and better coordination are key to joint agenda setting and broader accountability in the social justice sector.