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Hlanganisa Community Fund for Social and Gender Justice Southern Africa is an innovative grant-maker with the experience, insights and community networks to enable your organisation to improve the lives of society’s most vulnerable. By bridging the gap between funder and communities, we provide a vital link between our partners and those organisations that will make best use of your funds to uplift their communities.

To build a community, three things are needed: the skills to identify the best recipients, the funds to catalyse their growth, and the training and mentorship to achieve greatest impact. With our community networks and on the ground understanding of challenges in marginalised areas, we can effect real change. Let us turn your funds into measurable improvement in quality of life of communities.

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The Benefits of Social Employment

The benefits of social employment for marginalized black women cannot be overstated. Social employment refers to programs that provide work and training opportunities for people

Support the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund for Communities

The impact of COVID-19 continues to devastate our communities. Hlanganisa invites donors, corporates and change-makers to pledge their support and donate to the COVID-19 response emergency fund which is playing a vital role in assisting communities in rural areas and informal settlements during the coronavirus pandemic. Contribute to the response at the community level through the effort of community-based organisations, to enable them to assist the most vulnerable in our society.

Hlanganisa Community Fund for Social and Gender Justice Southern Africa is an innovative intermediary grant maker aimed at strengthening social accountability, promoting human rights in pursuit of social justice in Southern Africa.

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