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Hlanganisa SEF Project Manager, Bongani Ndlovu, was interviewed on Vuma FM to discuss social employment programmes and the benefits of these programmes within communities, especially when it comes to supporting survivors of GBV. Listen below

Hlanaganisa Institute for Development Southern Africa

South Africa stands at a pivotal moment in its quest for energy security, as the so-called ‘just’ energy transition encounters an array of unsettling challenges. This transition, aimed at embracing cleaner energy sources to combat climate change and distance itself from carbon-heavy practices, is riddled with profound injustices. As the nation treads the path towards […]


Hlanganisa’s CEO, Bongi Ndondo, was interviewed on SAFM to discuss accessing social justice in South Africa and the role played by community-based paralegals.

The Benefits of Social Employment

The benefits of social employment for marginalized black women cannot be overstated. Social employment refers to programs that provide work and training opportunities for people who face barriers to employment, such as those who are marginalized or have a disability. Marginalized black women are one of the groups that have historically faced barriers to employment […]

Bongiwe Ndondo – Executive Director, Hlanganisa – TedX Johannesburg

Bongi’s Ted talk was on how Indigenous knowledge can aid as a resource to solving climate change. Acknowledging the belief systems; practices; spirituality of communities that we come from and related knowledge we got from the elders. The Ted Event was an event designed to spark meaningful conversation and inspire action on climate change.


Social Employment Fund initiative transforms lives economically and socially “The security of having a regular guaranteed income provides dignity. When women have income, they are able to transform the fortunes of their immediate and extended families and their communities,” says Bongi Ndondo, CEO of Hlanganisa Community Fund for Social and Gender Justice. Hlanganisa has partnered […]

Cyclone Freddy leaves trail of destruction

Cyclone Freddy has killed hundreds of people in Malawi, Mozambique and Madagascar. Thousands have also been left destitute after their homes were destroyed by one of the longest lasting cyclones to ever hit Africa. Hlanganisa Institute for Development in Southern Africa CEO Bongi Ndondo elaborates.

Cyclone Freddy | Over 400 dead in Malawi

Cyclone Freddy has killed over 400 people and left tens of thousands displaced in Malawi. The cyclone which may be the longest on record has raised further concerns regarding climate change. Bongi Ndondo, Hlanganisa CEO speaks to #eNCA Courtesy.

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