Hlanganisa Institute for Development in Southern Africa (Hlanganisa) invites community-based organisation implementing programmes that aim to promote social justice to apply for funding and technical support through the Multi Agency Grants Initiative. The Multi-Agency Grants Initiative (MAGI) is a collaborative donor initiative which was established in 2006 to provide funding and capacity building support to Community Based Organisations (CBOs) located in disadvantaged areas within South Africa with high levels of poverty. MAGI’s vision is of a South Africa in which CBOs are able to meet the needs of their members and contribute to building a society characterized by equality, fairness, dignity and justice, in which the state and the private sector meet their social obligations and inequality is incrementally addressed.

A year later and the world is still battling against the COVID-19 pandemic with South Africa in having the highest number of cases in the region. COVID-19 has impacted on every area of people’s lives, specifically the socio-political, economic and public health systems. All of which are under tremendous strain. The enforced lockdown policies continue to disproportionately affect the poor and most vulnerable members of society. Some of the stressors that have been exacerbated by the pandemic include unemployment, inability to meet financial obligations, poor mental health and food insecurity. Hlanganisa acknowledges the work of community- based organizations in the past in responding to public health emergencies such as the HIV/AIDS crisis, Ebola outbreaks as well as natural disasters. From the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis CBO’s have been the first line emergency responders as they are often rooted within the community and serve families in areas that the government and other bigger NGOs are not able to reach

It is, behind this backdrop that in this call, Hlanganisa invites eligible organisations to apply for funding to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and contribute to the current South African efforts. Hlanganisa is inviting organizations that align to the following objectives and meet the below criteria;
• Community-based organisations or social movements
• Applicants should be in the following provinces, Free State, North West, Northern Cape, Eastern Cape, Limpopo and Mpumalanga (NB This call is not open to applicants outside of these provinces)
• Must be in operation for longer than 12 months.
• Annual budget in the last 3 years should be less than R1 million rand *

Hlanganisa will fund the following and other activities related to responding to the impact of COVID-19 at community level;
• Activities addressing food insecurity and malnutrition, including but not limited to; capacitating communities to grow their own food
• Projects aimed at addressing water and proper sanitation for communities residing in underserviced settlements
• Projects focused on prevention, through designing and disseminating COVID-19 related information in innovative modes of communication such as short video clips and through local radio stations etc
• Projects related to dealing with issues of women’s economic empowerment
• Projects aimed at addressing human rights abuses and violations including tracking monitoring service delivery during the pandemic
• Supporting vulnerable families to have access to social security and social protection grants
• Development of localized multi-stakeholder disaster response mechanisms eg, fires, floods, health outbreaks
• Social accountability interventions focusing on the equitable roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccine

*NB: In cases where a CBO is unable to manage the grant, MAGI consider a fiscal sponsorship arrangement through a more established NGO that has an existing relationship with the CBO.
Grant sizes: Up to R100 000 (up to 18 months)

Applications should be submitted online by clicking here( https://hlanganisagrants.smapply.io/prog/MAGI/ ) or through the Hlanganisa website ( https://www.hlanganisa.org.za/call-for-proposals/ )

The deadline for submission of applications is Monday 3rd May 2021. No late applications will be accepted. Email info@hlanganisa.org.za for queries relating to this call for proposals.

Hlanganisa reserves the right to:
• Decline to consider any proposal that do not conform to any aspects of the proposal requirements.
• Cancel this proposal or any part thereof at any time.

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