SMALL GRANTS (Using the Magi programme)

Using the he Multi-Agency Grant Initiative (MAGI), Hlanganisa drives a small grants programme focus on community level empowerment. MAGI aims to strengthen community based organisations (CBOs) as they take their place within active citizenship and within civil society. Through this work with CBOs, Magi strives to strengthen the agency of marginalised communities in democracy and the process of development.

Hlanganisa believes that if community based organizations receive support to raise awareness of rights and address community needs (such as providing access to paralegal advice and combating victimization and violence against women), they in turn help to build community voice and a positive community response to poverty and inequality.


The programme – a basket fund comprised of Hivos, Ford Foundation, Mott Foundation and RAITH Foundation, and supported by Social Justice Initiative and OSF-South Africa – provides small grants to CBOs. These grants range in value from 3300 Euros to 16600 Euros. The programme complements grantmaking with capacity building work and the promotion of networking among CBOs, particularly those operating within the same districts and provinces.

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